What Is A Micro Wedding? & Is It The Right Choice For You?

July 8, 2022

What Is A Micro Wedding? & Is It The Right Choice For You?

Nowadays there are SO many unique and special ways to get married. But today let’s talk about one of my favorites: micro weddings. Let me break down the details and help you decide if a micro wedding is the right choice for you!

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is an intentional, intimate, and unique wedding experience. Micro weddings still include aspects of traditional wedding days (ceremony, vows, dinner, and dances) but on a much smaller, less stressful scale.

How many guests is considered a micro wedding?

Most micro weddings that I photograph are 20 guests or less. There are no hard numbers you have to abide by. But I would suggest only inviting your very closest friends and family. Your time and attention will be divided among your guests, so the smaller the better for an intimate micro wedding experience.

Why have a micro wedding?

Micro weddings have become my absolute favorite type of wedding. Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed the shift from large traditional weddings to small intimate weddings. And I’ve personally seen how much happier, relaxed, and fulfilled my couples are on their wedding days.

3 Reasons To Have A Micro Wedding

  1. Choosing to have a smaller guest count means you get to spend more time with each guest. Take it from me, I had a more traditional wedding with a medium-size guest count and one of my biggest regrets is that I barely had any time to spend with my family or my husband’s family.
  2. You’ll have a more flexible schedule and SO MUCH less stress about sticking to a strict timeline. Instead of scheduling in time to do highly stressful extended family photos, you can schedule a fun activity to do with your guests. Check out this post for some ideas!
  3. Save money! The math is pretty simple here, planning an event for 20 people is way more affordable than planning an event for 200 people. For example, instead of spending thousands of dollars on mediocre food for 200 guests, hire a private chef for you and your closest friends and family! Save money and have a higher quality experience!

What does the average micro wedding cost?

According to brides.com, ‘typically, you can expect the cost to be over 50 percent less than that of a traditional wedding, with the highest end of the range falling at around $10,000’.

Of course, this can vary depending on your guest count, vendor choices, and decor preferences, but it will certainly be more affordable than a traditional wedding.

How do I make a micro wedding special?

There’s this idea floating around western society that micro weddings are ‘less special’ than traditional weddings and lemme tell you, that is just not true. I would actually say micro weddings are almost always more special than traditional weddings. Particularly because they are so much more intentional.

Most couples who choose to have micro weddings put much more thought into who they invite to their day. And they put care into creating a special experience for themselves and their guests. On the contrary, most couples who have traditional weddings stick with classic, stressful timelines and large guest counts because that’s what they’re told to do and all they know.

3 Way To Make Your Micro Wedding Special

  1. Choose a location that you feel deeply connected to. Love the mountains? Book a mountain cabin to hold your wedding at! Feel your happiest at the coast? Find a beachfront venue!

    I love this advice from junebugweddings.com ‘If you want your micro wedding reception to be more unique, try finding a totally chic Airbnb. Not only could you find unique spaces to hold both your ceremony and reception, but it can help with your budget. Many spaces are already decorated and could be easily dressed up with some simple decor. 

    If you’re looking for a venue with more room and catering options, head to a hotel nearby. Many hotels offer spaces to hold a reception and have food options. Since your guest list is much smaller, this would be an easier option to feed your guests and provide some dancing space.’

  2. Maybe my favorite tip: have one long family-style table. This creates a cozy and warm reception space where everyone feels included. It’s also VERY aesthetically pleasing! Add string lights for even more ambiance.

  3. Collaborate with your officiant to create a thoughtful and personalized ceremony. Consider including your guests with a ring warming ceremony. And most definitely read hand-written vows to each other.

Micro Wedding Packages Washington State

All of my photography packages can be tailored for a micro wedding in Washington State! Check out the different options you have here.

Micro Wedding Photographer Washington State

As I said earlier, micro weddings have become my absolute favorite events to photograph! The intentionality mixed with the laid-back timelines is a photographer’s dream.

I’ve become an expert at photographing micro weddings in Washington State. I’ve got the flow of the day down to a science, know all the best locations, and help my clients secure the necessary permits and licenses.

If you need a Washington State Micro Wedding Photographer, look no further! Reach out here to start planning!


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