What Is An Elopement? The New Definition and 4 Examples.

May 27, 2022

Elopement Definition

What does it mean to elope nowadays? The original definition certainly doesn’t apply to the majority of elopements these days. So, let’s redefine elopement with a more current definition.

original definition:



run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent.

our updated definition:



a small, non-traditional wedding ceremony that is focused on the couple.

The shift in the definition of the word elopement is part of a bigger shift we’ve been witnessing in the wedding industry for the past 5 years or so. Many couples are choosing to forego expensive, over-the-top, guest-focused weddings for small, intimate, couple-focused weddings.

Couples are choosing to put themselves and their wants first. They’re choosing wedding days that are more meaningful to them and they’re declining the long-established traditional wedding. And I’ve gotta say, I’m here for it!

How To Elope in 2022

So how do you elope in modern times? Well, that’s truly up to you! Eloping means creating a wedding day that is catered to you and your partner’s wants.

Need some inspiration? Check out these unique elopement days from some of my past clients! ↓

Elopement Ideas

1. Get ready in an a-frame at the base of Mt Rainier.

Drive to a nearby trailhead for your sunrise ceremony. Take a short hike to a stunning alpine lake. Say your vows surrounded by your parents and siblings. Continue the loop hike for more photo opportunities. Head back to your cabin for brunch. Take a quick afternoon nap. Hang out on the deck with your family before BBQing dinner. Dance with your parents, cut your cake and have a hand blessing ceremony. End your day with sunset photos at a secluded local river location.

Sound like your kind of day? Check out photos from this exact day here.

2. Meet your photographer at Lake Crescent.

Start your day with a quick hike to the nearly 100ft tall Marymere Falls. Spend some time wandering around Lake Crescent hand in hand with your partner. Check out the famous Ranger Station, the wildflower meadows, and the bright blue lakeshore views. From here, drive a few hours to Ruby Beach. Explore the beach and find the perfect spot to read your vows and exchange rings. End your evening watching the sun dip below the Pacific Ocean horizon.

Sign you up for this day? Here are photos from this perfect day.

3. Do you dream of hiking on your wedding day?

I’ve got the day for you! Get ready together at a riverside cabin. Drive to a nearby trail for photos with old-growth trees, a suspension bridge, and glacial blue river water. Drive up the mountain farther to the main attraction of your day. Park at the trailhead and hike up and up and up until you reach the most stunning views of Mt Rainier that you’ll ever see. Change into your wedding attire and say your vows with Mt Rainier and a golden sunset in the background.

Sound like your kind of day? Check out the dreamy photos from this day!

4. Meet your photographer on The Oregon Coast for the BEST coastal wedding day you could imagine.

Get ready together at your hotel which has an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean. Walk along the beach and hike up a sand dune to a secluded location to read your vows. Afterward, explore the area together to find more amazing views to take in. End the evening sitting by a campfire on the beach while eating wedding cake!

Campfire and Cake? Yes, please! Check out the photos here!

I hope this blog helped you start dreaming up some ideas for your own elopement or small wedding! As always, feel free to reach out with any questions! 

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