Trisha & Justin’s Stunning Summertime Mount Rainier Elopement

August 27, 2021

Trisha & Justin celebrated with a full-day Mount Rainier elopement – a day I only could’ve dreamed of being able to capture. If I had to describe these two in a few words: sweet, calm, relaxed, outdoorsy, & down for an adventure. My kind of people. Seriously, I looked forward to this elopement all year and could not wait to show it to you all.

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The full-day Mount Rainier adventure elopement

An early start in Packwood, WA

We started Trisha & Justin’s adventure elopement day with a 4:45 AM meetup time. Yes, AM – I’m always down to meet up at the darkest hours so we can pack the whole day full of amazing stuff. I met them at their separate cabins that were right next to each other in Packwood, where they each got ready individually.

mount rainier elopement

Once they were ready to go, they drove separately and had the sweetest first look at the Naches Peak Loop trailhead. Getting ready separately doesn’t mean you have to be 20-30 minutes away from each other – stay close by so that I’m able to capture the both of you getting ready easily!

mount rainier elopement

The lakeside ceremony on Naches Peak Loop Trail

Then they had their intimate ceremony at an incredible little lake on the trail, with just a few guests in attendance. It was a classic overcast PNW day, but make no mistake – the clouds made the landscape no less beautiful. I’m personally a huge fan of clouds & rainy weather, simply because I’m used to it living in Washington and think it always adds a fun, adventurous element to any elopement. If you’re down to go with the flow & make the best out of whatever weather we end up with, then I’m the gal for you! 

Want to know more about how to prepare for + make the best out of inclement weather? Check out my full blog post on the topic here!

mount rainier elopement

Portraits with the wildflowers

After Trisha & Justin tied the knot, we finished the loop hike and took some couples portraits along the way. We had the best time taking in the sights & the thousands of wildflowers.

If you’re looking for the Best Places to Elope at Mount Rainier National Park, I’ve got you covered! Whether you want wildflowers, alpine meadows, or more of a tundra landscape, this blog post has all the deets for you.

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Built-in naptime for the win

Fun fact: we literally scheduled a midday nap into Trisha & Justin’s timeline. No joke. Getting up early has its perks, but also obviously makes you superrrr tired later on, and these two wanted to feel like their best selves all day. So after we’d finished portraits along the loop trail, we went back to their cabin for a late lunch (charcuterie boards for the win) and took a great nap. 10/10 recommend building naptime into your elopement timeline, especially if you’re doing a full-day elopement and/or are planning an early wake-up call.

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Sunset photos to end the night

To end this stunning day, we did sunset photos at a nearby river location that I found last summer. This elopement day with Trisha & Justin made me so incredibly grateful for this job of mine and reaffirmed that this is what I’m meant to be doing + these are my kind of people. Will forever remember this day!

mount rainier elopement

Ready to make your dream Mount Rainier adventure elopement happen? Let’s start planning it & get you on my calendar!

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