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Let me paint y’all a quick picture of the last seven years - In 2013, I was sitting in a college classroom at a commercial photography program, #pnwisbest and #upperleftusa were taking off on Instagram, and every weekend, after I’d completed my studio assignments, I left Seattle to go explore and take landscape photos for those sweet Instagram likes. Soon enough, I was incorporating couples into my landscape photos and through social media these became known as adventure sessions - my heart was SO freaking happy with my work and with the memories I was capturing for people.

My incredible professors were kind enough to tailor the program for me and two years later I graduated from Seattle Central Creative Academy with a commercial photography degree. I took all of the technical skills I learned in school, combined them with my love of the outdoors, and dove head first into photographing weddings with adventure sessions at the forefront of my brand.

After five years as a full time wedding photographer, almost all of my clients were choosing adventure engagement sessions, but still wanted a conventional wedding with a big guest list and outdated traditions. The disconnect between the free-spiritedness of an adventure session and the production of traditional weddings left me feeling burned out and seeking a way to reconnect my passion for photography with the beautiful  union of marriage in a new way. That's when I decided to shift my energy towards adventure elopements, a place that finally felt like home.

Adventure elopements are for couples whose focus is togetherness above all else. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or even sad about the thought of a big traditional wedding and if exploration and the quietness of an intimate union makes your heart race, reach out so that we can plan a day that encapsulates your unique love.

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