Olympic National Park Hoh Rain Forest – A Rainy & Stunning Engagement Session

April 8, 2022

Whew, have I got a good one for y’all today! Katie and Dan’s engagement session in the Olympic National Park Hoh Rain Forest is not a photo session that I will soon forget. We had some of the rainiest weather I’ve ever done a session in.

Maybe we should have clued into the fact that it was highly likely it would rain in a rainforest haha! With an average of 140 inches of rainfall per year in the Hoh Rain Forest, what else could we expect? The cool thing about all the rain this area gets though is that it makes it INCREDIBLY green and lush!

If you’re looking for an epic and unique backdrop for your engagement photos I highly recommend Olympic National Parks Hoh Rainforest.

Hall of Mosses Hoh Rainforest near Forks, WA

Katie and Dan requested we start their engagement photo session at the Hall of Mosses in the Hoh Rainforest near Forks, WA. Surprisingly, I’d actually never been to this part of Olympic National Park before their session. But I was more than happy to make the trek up to this very popular and picturesque part of Olympic National Park to photograph them!

On the day of their session, it POURED, but we came prepared with raincoats and photo-session-friendly clear umbrellas. Not a single complaint was heard by any of us. We were truly just stoked to be in such a breathtaking place, celebrating their engagement with some epic photos!

Raincoats donned and umbrellas in hand, we departed from the parking lot and set out on the Hall of Mosses Loop. This trail is just under a mile with very minimal elevation gain. It’s the PERFECT trail for photos. Around every corner, there’s something new to ‘ooh and aah’ at.

Olympic National Park Hoh Rain Forest Engagement

Olympic National Park Hoh River Trail

A quick note: the Hoh River trail is another awesome location in the area for photos. This trail is a great option to get you away from the crowds that are often on the Hall of Mosses trail. You’ll still experience the famous moss-draped Maple and Sitka trees. And you’ll also get to walk along the glacier-fed Hoh River. These glaciers sit high above the Hoh River on Mount Olympus, the tallest and most prominent mountain in the Olympics.

Olympic National Park Hoh Rain Forest Engagement

Where is Hoh Rain forest?

Okay, you’re convinced, this is where you want to do your engagement session, but where the heck is the Hoh Rainforest?!

The Hoh Rainforest is located on the western side of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The drive is not for the faint of heart or for folks who don’t like road trips. My personal opinion is that it’s best to make it a full weekend trip because it’s such a far drive from any major cities or towns.

Here are some stats to convince you. ↓

Seattle to Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center: 216 miles. 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Olympia to Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center: 156 miles. 3 hours .

Portland to Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center: 250 miles. 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Seatac Airport to Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center: 207 miles. 4 hours.

Did I persuade you yet? Haha! If you just said yes, check out some local accommodations below!

Olympic National Park Hoh Rain Forest Engagement

Accommodations near Olympic National Park

The Hoh Rainforest is RURAL. Like rural-est of rural. Is rural-est a word? Who knows, but I think it helps get my point across! There’s not a lot going on near the rainforest. Hey, it’s a nature trip, not a city trip okay? But there are a few great accommodations near Olympic National Park luckily!

Here are my top recommendations. ↓

Kalaloch Lodge and Cabins. 55 minutes from Hall of Mosses Visitor Center. Cozy rooms and cabins are set on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Kalaloch Lodge also has a delicious restaurant, a convenience store, and a cute gift shop.

Woodland Inns. 45 minutes from Hall of Mosses. Cozy cabins with modern amenities. Recommended by my mom so it’s a 10/10 haha! Woodland Inns is located in Forks (yes the Twilight town). This specific Olympic National Park accommodation will have the most nearby amenities – small-town restaurants, one grocery store, a gas station, etc.

Hoh Valley Cabins. 20 minutes from Hall of Mosses, making it my closest recommendation. Newly constructed cabins in a forest setting. Stunning giant windows. A photographer’s dream.

Olympic National Park Hoh Rain Forest Engagement

Rain Forest Photos

Okay back to why we’re really here, check out more of Katie and Dan’s stunning rainforest photos below! And reach out here if you’d like to book your own rainforest photo session!


If you’re dreaming up your own elopement or engagement session in Washington State and beyond, check out more inspiration below! 




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Olympic National Park Hoh Rain Forest Engagement


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