Jen & Joey’s Last-Minute Elopement | Naches Peak Loop Trail

October 20, 2021

Would you believe me if I told you these two planned their elopement in two weeks? Keep reading to find out how they made their last-minute elopement happen, and to see all the beauty of the Naches Peak Loop Trail!

naches peak loop

Jen & Joey’s Last-Minute Fall Elopement at Mt. Rainier

You read that right – they planned their elopement in two weeks. Yeah, TWO. And they hired me six days before the date.

Jen and Joey are both in the military, and she had just found out she was getting deployed. So they decided hey, let’s plan this thing real quick and finally get married. And they did just that!

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They planned everything in two weeks: they flew up from Georgia, stayed & got ready in Tacoma, and drove out to Mt. Rainier the day of their elopement.

Everything couldn’t have come together more wildly perfectly – we all agreed in the end that it was all truly meant to be.

naches peak loop

The Naches Peak Loop Trail Ceremony

We had the PERFECT fall weather at the mountain for Jen and Joey’s elopement day, which can be super rare at that time of year at Rainier. Witnessing their intimate ceremony and vows in front of the lake was absolutely beautiful, and after their ceremony, we did a small hike. 

naches peak loop

It was so much fun getting to show them one of my favorite trails at Mt. Rainier, and their awe of nature and the mountain was so cool to see. They even packed a bottle of champagne and a cake to share mid-hike, which I was obviously stoked about.

So dang thankful this all came together and that we got connected so last-minute – it was all truly meant to happen that way.

naches peak loop

About The Naches Peak Loop Trail

I wanted to leave you with some information about the Naches Peak Loop Trail in case you’re just as in awe of it as Jen and Joey were!

This trail is a full 3.5-mile roundtrip loop that you access by parking at Tipsoo Lake. It’s one of the most popular hikes in the park, being that it’s an easy loop to take and has absolutely beautiful views. The trail is impacted by snow and weather conditions in the fall and wintertime. Be sure to take a look at the trail conditions before heading there!

naches peak loop

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