Tyana & Spencer’s Post-Elopement Party at Na-Mu Lodge

October 13, 2021

Third time’s a charm? After getting legally married on the front porch at the beginning of the pandemic, and turning their original wedding into a private elopement at Mount Rainier last summer, Tyana & Spencer finally got their bigger wedding reception this summer. They held a post-elopement party at Na-Mu Lodge in Leavenworth, ready to finally celebrate with their closest friends and family. 

Check out their Mount Rainier elopement here to see the magic we created in the middle of the craziest year.

elopement party

About Na-Mu Lodge

Na-Mu Lodge is a lodge in Leavenworth, WA where you can book a super cozy stay, or host your small wedding. 

It’s got incredible mountain views, a romantic atmosphere, and the best back patio for ceremonies under 30 guests.

elopement party

The lodge is only five minutes from downtown Leavenworth, so it’s super easy to go from the lodge to nearby breweries, local shops, & outdoor activities. 

Na-Mu is such a stunning venue for any wedding and I would love to shoot here more! If you’re just as obsessed with it as I am, reach out here – let’s put together your dream Leavenworth wedding!

elopement party

Why have an elopement reception?

You may not have ever heard of having an “elopement reception” or “post-elopement party,” but it’s totally a thing. Anything can be a thing if you want it to be.

If you’re opting to elope, it’s likely because you would rather tie the knot in a more private, intimate atmosphere than bigger weddings often promote. You value the experience of an epic outdoor setting over your typical wedding venue, and you’d rather focus on the two of you than all your guests.

elopement party

But you may also feel some sadness by leaving your friends and family out, even though you’re making the best decision for yourself. You wish you could celebrate with your family & friends, the ones who truly mean something to you.

So why not have the best of both worlds?

elopement party

Celebrate your elopement with your official, legal ceremony and an epic day/weekend/week of more private adventures.

Then, after a week, a month, or even a year, have some sort of party/”reception,” where you invite your closest loved ones, eat, drink, dance, whatever you feel like you missed out on from the traditional wedding environment. Who says you can’t have multiple celebrations??

post elopement party

Leavenworth wedding inspiration

Looking for more Leavenworth wedding inspiration? Be sure to take a look at Mi + Matt’s Intimate Summer Leavenworth Wedding at Na-Mu Lodge!


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