PNW Fall Mountain Wedding at Grove of the Patriarchs

November 26, 2021

I got the privilege of photographing Hannah and Richard’s fall mountain wedding at Mount Rainier, and man was it a favorite of mine. Despite the weather throwing us for a loop, this was an awesome day with awesome people. 

grove of the patriarchs

Hannah + Richard’s Fall Mountain Wedding at Mount Rainier

The Riffe Lake/Grove of the Patriarchs Elopement

Like I mentioned above, the weather really decided to make this a fun day for us – classic PNW move. We should’ve known better to expect better weather! But, when we got hit with unexpected conditions, Hannah & Richard rolled with it like champs. These two didn’t let it affect their elopement and instead took it as an opportunity to go with the flow. This made it an extra awesome day!

grove of the patriarchs

We used one of my favorite backup low-elevation locations for their ceremony after getting hit with some weather. It ended up being a perfect spot for them to say their vows. Plus, the group they invited to witness it was really fun! They had such awesome humor and just overall great people to be around. Thankful to have been able to witness this day!

fall mountain wedding

Hannah’s Bridal Look: by Pacific Brides

Hannah got her hair and makeup done by Pacific Brides, a wonderful on-location hair & makeup company that travels to your location for your elopement/wedding beauty needs. They’re a fantastic, talented team that does beautiful hair and makeup for brides in the northwest. Definitely check them out for your own adventure elopement!

grove of the patriarchs

How to Deal with Inclement Weather for Your Elopement

Living in the PNW, we’ve gotta expect the best & prepare for the worst when it comes to weather. Because even if the forecast says it might be sunny or clear one day, we know that can turn around reallll quick & hit us unexpectedly!

fall mountain wedding

That’s why I always encourage my couples to be okay with whatever weather we may end up with on the day of their elopement or session. If you’re prepared to adapt & be flexible depending on weather conditions, you won’t end up disappointed if we run into rain, snow, etc. and you won’t let it ruin your day!

I’ve got a whole article full of my top tips on How to Deal with Inclement Weather for Your Elopement that I definitely recommend you check out, no matter where you’re planning to elope. It’s all part of the adventure!

fall mountain wedding

About Grove of the Patriarchs

In short, the Grove of the Patriarchs is a well-known spot inside of Mount Rainier National Park. It is located just beyond the Stevens Canyon park entrance. It’s a stunning area full of old-growth trees and classic PNW lush greenery everywhere, making it a must-see for park visitors. The Grove of the Patriarchs trail is only 1.1 miles roundtrip, so it’s an easy self-guided trail for all fitness & ability levels!

Note that the Grove of the Patriarchs is only open from May through October! Be sure to visit it during the warmer months.

grove of the patriarchs

More Mount Rainier Elopement Inspiration

If you’re like me and are fully in love with Mount Rainier National Park & everything about it, you might be wanting to elope there just like Hannah & Richard did!

Check out some of my favorite Mt. Rainier elopement inspiration & resources below:

fall mountain wedding


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